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When volume talks, people listen.

In a market that seems to have no rhyme or reason, the best tool for trading is literally sitting right under your nose. It sits mostly unheard and ignored right at the bottom of your trading platform.

We believe that when volume talks, every trader ought to listen because volume tells you everything you need to know.

In fact, we believe volume is so important that even we built our own volume indicator.

What makes market volume so important?

We use volume to follow the smart money players. Knowing their next move is the key to timing the market. The big boys know this and they try to hide their actions from the rest of us. Volume is the one thing they can’t use to cover their tracks. Our volume-based method lights up their moves like footprints in the snow.

Our Total Volume Oscillator, or TVO, uses unique algorithms based solely on volume data. Using patterns and historical probability, we’re able to follow the trail of big money volume and reveal exactly what direction the market will go next. Since volume is not affected by price manipulation, TVO puts us in the know long before and far more effectively than any other indicator.

And because it’s based on accumulation and distribution, the mechanism behind the way the market has worked for over 100 years, our TVO System will remain robust for as long as there are markets to trade.

Here’s what our members are saying:

Robert B.

First, Mike delivers the "goods" with winning trade recommendations generated through meticulous analysis and testing.

Second, he goes over and above to provide timely commentary and support to members to maximize their memberships, including giving a one-month free trial to new members.

Third, he has taken the trading journey from unprofitability to profitability, so he knows what it takes to make money in the market, and his double-digit trading record speaks for itself.

- Robert B.

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